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Leave a legacy

Remember someone close to you by making a gift in their memory.

We all have different reasons for making a Will and ensuring it is kept up-to-date:

  • By writing a Will you have control over how your money (your 'estate') is distributed. It is worth remembering that if you don't make a Will, the Government effectively writes one for you, they decide who will inherit and your loved ones, family, friends and others may receive nothing.
  • Our lives and circumstances are continually changing and therefore you need to make sure your Will is reviewed regularly, at least every two years.
  • Wills are useful tools if the value of your possessions makes you liable for Inheritance Tax. Making a gift to a Charity such as the ED Society could help this, as they are tax-free and are therefore exempt from Inheritance tax, so you have an opportunity to 'beat the taxman' too!
Making a will is one of those things many people mean to do – but keep putting off! Or they've made one but don't get round to updating it. Surprisingly, making your will can be quite quick and easy – and it puts everything under your control.

Your legacy to the ED Society will make a difference; gifts of money or assets or personal possessions left in a Will enables us to plan for the long-term needs of individuals affected by Ectodermal Dysplasia.

What's more, a legacy will help to secure the future of the Charity.

Tribute Fund

Would you like a special way to remember your friends and loved ones?

You can now establish a Tribute Fund in honour of a friend or loved one through the ED Society.

The Fund can be named, and gives you and others the opportunity to make in-memoriam donations to our work with individuals, children and young people who have Ectodermal Dysplasia. The Tribute Fund can be stipulated to be for a particular project, such as research or as a support fund to help provide such items as cooling jackets, air-conditioning, etc. We hope the Fund will help honour the life of those close to you, as well as contributing to the work of the ED Society.

Anybody would be able to donate or raise money for the Tribute Fund as far into the future as they wish. We will make sure that all donors who choose to be kept informed, know how much has been raised for the Fund and how we would spend the money you raise on our work to help individuals with Ectodermal Dysplasia lead a near normal lifestyle.

As you can see Wills are important to you and your family's future. They are also important to the ED Society. A legacy can really make a real difference to our future and offer many individuals and families help and support to enable them to live a near normal lifestyle.

If you decided to leave a legacy to the ED Society, it would be greatly appreciated if you could let us know. This will enable us to thank you properly and keep us informed of how gifts left as legacies are helping our vital work. All information will be treated with the strictest confidence and at no time are you under commitment or obligation.

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